About Neta Care

Born from the idea to improve lives,
overcome obstacles, and connect people,
our story is a compilation of the people we’ve helped
and the achievements we’ve witnessed.


Our Founding Story

At Neta Care, you’re part of a family.

When Neta Care first began, we were like many other organisations – simply providing support workers. As we grew, we saw the challenges people were facing in the industry, juggling different services from different providers and stressing to coordinate everything. So we changed our model and became a holistic, one-stop health provider. We believe the strength of community is in family, and family helps each other. And with every new client, staff member, and new success story, our family keeps growing.

Our CARING Values

Our values at Neta Care go beyond words on the wall, with heroes for each value represented throughout our company. These heroes ensure that each value is truly lived out at every level, raising a standard and calling out greatness.

Custom solutions: we believe that no solution is all-encompassing, so we keep our eyes on the details to ensure we are tailoring the best fit for each.
Affirmation: we encourage others to reach for the best, we look for the best, and we aren’t afraid to tell people when we see it in them.
Real people: more than numbers on a screen, each staff member and the client is valued. Diversity is celebrated as the strength of our community.
Independence: learning, growth, and empowerment are essential to equip both our staff and our clients for the journey ahead.
Network: supporters, collaborations and connections are all essential in our life and work.
Generosity: money enables us to do good work, but it isn’t the purpose of the work. We believe in investing our money, time, and talents to achieve our mission.

Our Service Area

Neta Care’s mobile services are available throughout South East Queensland including Greater Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Strathpine, Cleveland, Chermside Gold Coast and Toowoomba.

Our headquarters are in Brookwater, near Springfield.

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